Meet My Team

God has blessed me with my wonderful husband, James, of 18 years, four beautiful girls and now our precious boy!  I consider them my highest calling on this earth.   You will often see my girls in the pool, gathering toys, handing out kick boards, getting you to fill out the digital release or "watching the wall" so our little swimmers don't plop in!  They have all been swimming since they were about 2 1/2 years old and have grown up in and around the water. Some of them have gotten a child or two to put their face in the water before before I have!  They already think they can "do it like mommy". 

I can't believe I have been teaching kids to swim for more than 17 years.  I am just as excited about this summer as I was in the beginning. There is something special about taking a child who is screaming, or too terrified to get in the water and after a few short lessons they are swimming!  It's an amazing privilege to gain that trust of children and adults and I have done it hundreds of times!  

I am excited about teaching your children this summer and I am just as excited about My Team.... I believe in sovereignty and I believe God has provided me with the highest caliber of instructors. I trust them completely with my 5 children or I wouldn't have them in the water with yours!

My name is Abby Adkisson.  I am currently a senior at Hallsville High School, I plan to graduate in the spring and then pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.  I have spent almost every summer of my life in the water with Gina.  She gave me my very first swim lesson at the age of 3 and at 15 helped me earn my Lifeguarding certification. I feel extremely blessed to have grown up taking swim lessons and now have the opportunity to teach them.  Every summer we meet so many kids with so many different views of the water.  It is amazing to see even the most frightened of children on their first day transform into begging not to leave on their last day.  I may be the instructor, but I have learned so much through teaching swim. Every year I see myself grow more and more as a person, and in my relationship with God, as well as the "Swim With Gina" family.  I cannot wait to experience another amazing summer with you and your little fish!

Hi, my name is Lauren Swanner. I started taking swim with Gina when I was 3 years old and that's when I fell in love with the water! I continued taking swim every year and then became a certified Lifeguard in 2015. I've now taught along side Gina for 4 years and I've loved every second of it. It's incredible to see some kids start out with a fear of the water and end the summer being the ones who want to jump right in.

It's such a blessing being able to work for Gina; it's like we're all part of her family! She shows us as much love as she does for her 5 children and it's a privilege to work for her. I'm excited to see what this summer has to offer!

Hi, I’m Lily Durden, a high school student with Liberty University Online Academy. I have always loved  swimming whether I'm in a pool or in the ocean, I simply love the water.  I especially appreciate swimming with Mrs. Gina. It has had such a magnanimous impact on my life!  Through it I gained confidence and self-esteem applicable to time in the water and life.  I acquired valuable life skills and made friends of all ages.  I first began lessons through Swim With Gina when I was five years old.  The summer of 2013, Mrs. Gina invited me to assist with swim lessons.  I have been so blessed by these years of teaching swim.  It is incredible to watch the kids' progress in group or private swim lessons.  Some kids enter the water fearfully, some enter docilely, and others with pure exuberance, but all leave pleading for more pool time and a sincere desire to learn more!  God has blessed my life with teaching and being a part of the thrilling journey young swimmers embark upon when they "Swim With Gina”!

Hi!  My name is Zane Campbell, and I'm currently a senior at Harleton High School.  I've been accepted into Kilgore College, and afterwards I will be joining the Navy.  I was introduced to swimming at a very young age.  I've been the head lifeguard at an area pool and have been teaching lessons with Gina for two years now!  I believe having the knowledge to swim is one of the most valuable traits a person can acquire. Having the ability to swim can benefit you in so many ways. I was fortunate enough that it landed me one of my first jobs!

Hi, my name is Alexa Vineyard. I currently go to school in Hallsville, Texas. I started swimming with Mrs. Gina when I was just 3 years old. She has given me the opportunity to assist her during summer with the, "Swim With Gina" organization. Watching kids grow with their skills and love for water is amazing. This job has changed me and helped me grow into a much better person. Being able to walk kids through things they find difficult and teach them something they have never known how to do, is amazing. Mrs. Gina has taught me how to love and support everyone. Working with her has been a great experience, and I hope I get to help your child this summer! 

Hi, my name is Chloey Story. I currently go to Christian Heritage School. I took swim lessons from Gina starting when I was 3 years old till I was 12 and in 2015 Gina allowed me to start helping teach swim lesson with her. Teaching swim lessons is an amazing opportunity that has taught me responsibility. Watching the kids learn to love the water and learn to swim is amazing. Teaching the kids allows me to grow close and form a bond with the kids that makes them more comfortable in the water. I love seeing the kids start to love swimming as much as I do. I'm so grateful to Gina for giving me this amazing opportunity to teach children how to swim.

Hi there! My name is Carson Henderson, and this will be my first summer working with Gina as an instructor. I will be a sophomore in college in the fall at the University of Arkansas, while studying Political Science and Economics. I graduated with honors from Hallsville High School in June 2016, and have lived in East Texas since 2005. Growing up, I lived in southern California, and absolutely loved to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. I learned to swim when I was very young, and have spent an extensive amount of time in the water. I’ve always enjoyed being in the water, and when I moved to Texas, I almost immediately started taking swim lessons with Gina. I am looking forward to seeing the immense joy in your children’s eyes as they learn to swim and conquer their goals and fears. Being a part of a team as great as Gina’s is an absolute blessing, and I can’t wait to share my love of the water.