Lifeguard Classes

This is an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Course. This course includes lifeguard training, Frist Aid, CPR & AED training. The certification is for two years.

  • Be a minimum of 15 years old by the last class date
  • Swim 300 yards proficiently using the front crawl and breaststroke
  • Swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive 7-10 feet, retrieve a 10lb. brick, return to the surface, keep face above water and two hands on the brick, swim 20 yards back to starting point with the object and exit the water without using ladder or steps, within 1 minute, 40 seconds.
  • Pass all written examinations with a minimum of 80%

Lifeguard Classes - 2017

Marshall Lifeguard Class 

Wednesday, May 17th 5pm - 7pm Pre-course Swim
Thursday, May 18th 5pm - 9pm  
Saturday, May 20th 11am - 6pm  
Sunday, May 21st 11am - 6pm  
Monday, May 22nd 5pm - 8pm Test Out
FYI Letter  
Lifeguard Consent Form Official Letter

Sign up deadline is approximately one week prior to pre-course swim. Students must attend and participate in EVERY class listed and pass ALL examinations to receive credit. There must be a minimum of 6 students enrolled in order for the class to make. The class will be held at Trinity Episcopal School located at, 2905 Rosborough Springs Road, Marshall, TX 75672.

The lifeguard class is $265 which includes your book, CPR mask and certificates.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructors:  James & Gina Hester.

Lifeguard Review Class (Re-certification)

Saturday, May 20th 11:00 - 6:00pm


Lifeguard Re-certification training is designed to refresh the skills of currently certified American Red Cross Lifeguards, including water skills, CPR & AED and First Aid.  You must hold a current lifeguarding certification to participate in this course.  You must pass the pre requisites listed above to qualify for re-certification. This course is $135.00 if you don't have your book and mask to bring with you to class you will need to purchase those from us.